Sector factsheets

Below, you can explore some fact sheets discussing the relationships between key climate phenomena and climate impacts in particular sectors.

Atmospheric blockings and the European energy system

Blocking events – where the usual eastward wind from the Atlantic into Europe is paused or reversed have significant regional weather impacts throughout the year, affecting European temperature, wind, and precipitation; and thus energy production and demand.


Flooding impacts on the European transport system

Intense rainfall can cause direct significant and long lasting impacts on transport operations, due to flooding, while indirectly impacting transport safety and bringing damage to transport infrastructure.


North Atlantic Oscillation, wind and energy over Europe

North Atlantic Oscillation is the dominant mode of climate variability affecting Europe and is associated with damaging events such as snowstorms, cold spells and drought that impact the energy sector.


Heatwaves and energy

This factsheet explains how PRIMAVERA will contribute to understanding the evolution of heatwaves, extreme events that affect the energy sector.


Extratropical cyclones

This factsheet gives some examples of how PRIMAVERA high-resolution models will be able to improve our understanding of extra-tropical cyclone risk.